Virtual HIPAA Training

Virtual HIPAA Training

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Enroll in MPA’s Virtual HIPAA Training – a 4-Part Series

***Approved for 5 hours of NAB CEUs***

Virtual HIPAA Training: a 4-Part Webinar Series

HIPAA is huge. The law is huge (as in, very long). It is also frequently changing. And, penalties are on the rise, as are patient complaints and lawsuits.

Whether you are new to HIPAA or you want to make sure you are ready to successfully lead HIPAA in your organization, MPA’s 4-part virtual how-to course can help. Sign up now and receive:

  • Four 75-minute classes. We will keep the class going until all your questions are answered!
  • One free Monthly HIPAA Moment per class
  • A copy of MPA’s training handbook: HIPAA Every Day
  • Access to MPA’s training video: Selfie Break
  • A 20% discount on MPA’s HIPAA Tool Kits (save $199)

Course schedule:

  • March 8th at 12 pm CST: HIPAA Basics & Privacy
    • This session will review the status of HIPAA enforcement, and then we will review the nuts and bolts of the Privacy Rule: What is PHI? When and how can we share PHI? When do we need to get a HIPAA authorization? What are some best practices for maintaining HIPAA Privacy? What do I need to do as Privacy Officer?
  • April 14th at 12 pm CST: HIPAA Security
    • We will provide an overview of HIPAA Security safeguards, and discuss the role of the HIPAA Security Risk Analysis and the ePHI inventory. We will also look at the latest security risks (malware, phishing, lack of encryption, etc.), and discuss best practices for maintaining HIPAA Security.
  • May 12th at 12 pm CST: HIPAA Breaches & Social Media
    • This session will explain what providers need to do when they think HIPAA has been violated. We will also review common breaches and enforcement examples, including examples of inadvertent (and ill-advised) social media posts that could violate HIPAA. Finally, we will play MPA’s popular “Is it a breach?” game using practical examples from the news and around the water cooler.
  • June 9th at 12 pm CST: HIPAA Audits & Training
    • Learn what HIPAA audits are needed to maintain an effective HIPAA training program. We will walk through how to conduct a HIPAA & Social Media audit. We will also map out a sample 12-month HIPAA training program.

This program has been approved for Continuing Education for 5 total participant hours by NAB/NCERS—Approval # 20220307-5-A72548-DL