Compliance Flash Cards

  • $40.00

Grow employee knowledge and build a culture of compliance with MPA's Compliance Flash Cards! 

The Compliance Flash Cards have been so popular, we have decided to offer them in print! Order below and a set of Compliance Flash Cards will be mailed to you.

  • 3 Flash Cards address reporting non-compliance

  • 2 Flash Cards address abuse (1 specifically for SNFs)

  • 4 Flash Cards address Resident Rights in SNFs

  • 5 Flash Cards address documentation, including 2 specifically for SNFs

  • 10 Flash Cards address HIPAA

  • 10 Flash Cards address HIPAA & Social Media (including 4 specifically for hospitals and 4 specifically for SNFs)

  • 1 Flash Card addresses Quality Care

  • 1 Flash Card addresses False Claims

  • 2 Flash Cards address Kickbacks