HIPAA Privacy Manual Table of Contents

HIPAA Privacy Policy and Procedure Table of Contents

Personnel Designations
Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices 
  • Documentation of Attempt to Obtain Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices 
  • Notice of Privacy Practices 

Permitted Uses and Disclosures of PHI

Uses and Disclosures for Underwriting and Related Purposes
Uses and Disclosures Requiring an Opportunity for the individual to Agree or Object
Uses and Disclosures of PHI Requiring Authorization

  • Marketing
  • Psychotherapy Notes
  • Sale of PHI
  • Authorization to Use or Disclose PHI 
  • Checklist for Valid Authorization
Uses and Disclosures for which an Authorization or Opportunity to Object is Not Required 
  • Uses and Disclosures Required by Law
  • Uses and Disclosures for Public Health Activities
  • Disclosures about Victims of Abuse, Neglect or Domestic Violence
  • Uses and Disclosures for Health Oversight Activities
  • Uses and Disclosures for Judicial and Administrative Proceedings
  • Disclosures for Law Enforcement Purposes
  • Uses and Disclosures about Decedents
  • Uses and Disclosures for Cadaveric Organ, Eye or Tissue Donation Purposes
  • Uses and Disclosures for Research Purposes
  • Uses and Disclosures to Avert a Serious Threat to Health or Safety
  • Uses and Disclosures for Specialized Government Functions
  • Disclosures for Workers' Compensation
Minimum Necessary
  • Limited Data Sets
  • De-Identifying PHI

Access of individuals to PHI 
Amendment of PHI 
Accounting for Disclosures of PHI
Confidential Communications
Restrictions to Permitted Uses and Disclosures of PHI 
Verifying Personal Identities
Deceased individuals
Disclosures to Personal Representatives
Disclosures of PHI by Whistleblowers and workforce Member Crime Victims
Uses and Disclosures for Fundraising
Disclosure of PHI to Business Associates

Organizational Requirements
No Retaliation
Waiver of Rights
Sanctions (Penalties) for Privacy Violations
Cooperation with Secretary
Management of HIPAA Policies & Procedures

  • Acknowledgment of Receipt of HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures
  • HIPAA Definitions