Consulting & Compliance Officer Support.

Invest in an Effective Program

MPA can help you handle the entire compliance puzzle, or help you with the missing piece of your program.

We can help you:

  • Transition a new Compliance Officer 

  • Advance your culture of compliance

  • Develop and implement an auditing strategy

  • Assess your compliance program

  • Conduct a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis 

  • Train your Compliance Officer, Committee or Board

Full-Service Compliance

For a fixed annual fee, MPA will provided all of its compliance tools, plus unlimited support for your compliance team. MPA will help you build a compliance program that becomes part of daily operations, and stays that way. This service costs less than hiring an FTE. Plus, our clients have access to MPA's entire compliance team of experts - legal, finance, management, HIPAA and nursing backgrounds that cannot be found in a single hire.

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