HIPAA & COVID-19 Toolkit

HIPAA & COVID-19 Toolkit

  • $95.00


In the past few weeks, the OCR has issued mulpleti sets of new HIPAA guidance for COVID-19. CISA has issued many cybersecurity alerts related to COVID-19.

MPA has reviewed all of the guidance and developed a toolkit with policies and training tools to help providers comply with this new guidance. The toolkit includes:

  • COVID-19 HIPAA Update
  • HIPAA COVID1-9 Telehealth Policy
  • HIPAA & Social Media Policy (updated for COVID-19)
  • Limited COVID-19 HIPAA Waiver Policy for Hospitals
  • COVID-19 Permitted Disclosures Policy (incorporates COVID-19 guidance about disclosures to public health, first responders, family and friends, and law enforcement into the following HIPAA Privacy policies):
    • Permitted Uses and Disclosures
    • Uses and Disclosures to Carry Out Treatment, Payment or Health Care Operations
    • Uses and Disclosures Required by Law
    • Uses and Disclosures for Public Health Activities
    • Uses and Disclosures to Avert a Serious Threat to Health or Safety
    • Uses and Disclosures for Specialized Government Functions
    • Uses and Disclosures Requiring an Opportunity for the Individual to Agree or Object
    • Minimum Necessary Rule
  • Remote Access Policy & Policy Acknowledgment
  • HIPAA & Media Access Policy
  • Three printable flyers/posters or email content for your workforce:
    • Stay Smart with Social Media During COVID-19
    • Stay Smart while Working from Home During COVID-19
    • Watch Out for Cyber-scams During COVID-19                        

Cost: $95.

MPA is offering this toolkit at a significantly reduced price. MPA’s goal is to help providers with limited resources during the pandemic adhere to new HIPAA guidance without expending precious time developing policies.

Your purchase includes 12 months of updates to the toolkit, free of charge – if OCR or CISA issue more guidance that affects the policies in the toolkit, MPA will provide you with updated content by digital download.

Providers who purchase the HIPAA & COVID-19 Toolkit who decide they need a more comprehensive HIPAA toolkit may apply the price of their purchase to a more comprehensive toolkit available on MPA’s store. Email Margaret Scavotto for details: mcs@healthcareperformance.com