Monthly Compliance Moments - Hospitals & Doctors' Offices

  • $125.00

Build a culture of compliance with MPA's Monthly Compliance Moments flyers for Hospitals, Doctors' Offices, and other providers!

Click here for SNF Monthly Compliance Moments.

This digital download includes 12 Monthly Compliance Moments: 8.5 x 11 printable flyers to share with your staff by email - or print them and post them around your building.

Topics include:

  • When should you call the compliance hotline?
  • Our No Retaliation policy
  • What is compliance?
  • Gifts
  • Selfie Break
  • HIPAA & Patient Rights
  • Compliance New Year's Resolutions
  • You make our compliance program effective
  • What keeps you up at night? (compliance reporting)
  • Documentation (2 flyers)
  • False claims

Each month, share a Monthly Compliance Moment with your staff to keep compliance top of mind. The purpose of the Moments is to create a culture of compliance, where compliance is seen as a positive force that helps employees do their jobs.

MPA recommends sharing the Monthly Compliance Moment in a way (or multiple ways!) most effective in your organization. Examples:

  • Email
  • Bulletin board
  • Bathroom, microwave, or drinking fountain flyer
  • Workstation screensaver
  • Incorporate into in-services
  • Paycheck stuffer
  • Acrylic frame on break room table
  • Text alert
  • Employee newsletter
  • Digital photo frame

Or, ask managers to share with their team. This is a great way for your employees to receive the compliance message from multiple sources.